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Don’t overlook the little things; they can be just as important as the big ones. Hair care is no small matter since it is such a regular part of grooming. Your hair is your crown of glory, so taking care of it is a must. Something as mundane as a good hair wash is vital to maintaining high standards. There are basic dos and don’ts to achieve the best results, which experts from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon are more than happy to share.

1 Get rid of styling products

Don’t count on your shampoo to get rid of styling products on their own. Simply combing your hair can help immensely in the elimination department. Some people like to apply a mild conditioning cream (that also nourishes) before washing. This will help counteract harsh treatments you have been doing such as excessive ironing, perming, curling, etc.

2 Lukewarm water is your friend

If you associate hot water with negative consequences on your hair, you are correct. Go for tepid instead: it is far better for the hair and scalp. Here’s what happens. A lukewarm rinse will help open pores and facilitate the removal of clogged dirt. Hair cuticles also absorb those much-needed conditioner nutrients after a mild dousing.

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.

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3 Long hair pre-conditioning for long hair

Here is another excellent tip touted by experts from Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon, for those with long hair that reaches the upper to the mid back area. You apply condition before shampooing. Anyone with long tresses knows the danger of getting split ends, much more than shorter cuts. You need extra nourishment to compensate for the added length. The scalp area as always is a no-no. Keep the conditioner about an inch or two from it.

4 Lather it up

The lathering stage is the fun part of any shampoo. You want to work up a good one, starting from the scalp and moving through the hair right down to the tip. Be gentle and don’t get overzealous. You don’t want to strip essential oils and nutrients from the area. Nails are not advised. You can get a good massage effect with just the fingertips. Have fun!

Don’t overlook the little things –

5 Rinsing and Conditioning

Now come the final touches. The hair will come clean with lukewarm water—that means tepid, not hot. After squeezing water out as much as possible (gently does it), you can dab on conditioner and leave it in a few minutes. This is followed by another rinsing to make sure it is all out. Cold water is best to ensure that nutrients are locked in as the pores of the scalp and hair cuticles become closed. If the water runs clear, you are done.

6 Drying the hair

Natural drying with a towel is the first step. Wrap it around the head to soak up any residual water. Aura Beleza, hair salon Lisbon, advises never rub it vigorously on your hair or roots as it may cause breakage. Wet hair is vulnerable to say the least. Air drying will prevent damage; but if you must use a hairdryer, do so with caution. Dry it pretty thoroughly and apply a nourishing serum starting away from the scalp of course.

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