What I Learned from Scalp Saving techniques

Styling products get way too much attention. Sure they matter, but there are other rows to hoe. What’s really requires more attention is the health of your scalp. This is true for hair follicles that need natural oils to thrive. A scalp that is dry and irritated is unhealthy, indicating a lack of functioning of surrounding glands. As a result, your hair will be anything but manageable. Here are suggestions to solve this problem:

  • It is best to resort to a gentle shampoo every two or three days. Over-washing strips oils from the scalp. These natural elements condition the follicles and are highly desirable to retain. Those who wait too long will get a nasty buildup of dead skin cells that can cause scalp inflammation. It is something to avoid as it slows hair growth.

There is nothing like brushing the hair to remove dead skin cells. These can clog follicles, negatively affecting new hair growth.

– Robert Green
  • Conditioners are popular for good reason. They work. Applied after every wash can only improve texture and shine. Goodbye dryness and hello smooth as silk. Conditioning is as important for the hair as moisturizer is for the face. You don’t want to skimp in either area. Cleansing can be drying for both and second conditioning treatment is always needed. The best products contain plant oils or ceramides that love to moisturize and waxy lipids that are the counterpart of those found in the scalp.
  • Essential oils love to penetrate your hair, so let them do their job two or three nights a week. This special treat will maximize hair growth due to the circulation-stimulating properties. Think Rosemary. Try lavender or tea tree to rid your scallop of fungal dandruff. You only need the smallest of drops added to a seed or vegetable oil you have on hand. Many like jojoba oil or emollient neem as they are fast absorbing. You will love the feeling of massaging the scalp before bed for a couple of minutes. You only wash it out in the morning. The basis of success is in the natural oils that absorb well into scalp and hair. You don’t even see a residue on your pillowcase.

Everyone should have a monthly application of a clarifying shampoo.

Do you know how destructive styling product –

Do you know how destructive styling products can be? You virtually coat your scalp with goo. It takes a harsh shampoo to get it all out. If you neglect this suggestion, you may find yourself with irritated skin and a bevvy of strange immune responses. The result: slow hair growth and perhaps even shedding. It only takes once a month on average to shampoo away residue. If it contains citric acid, so much to better to purge products from hair and scalp.

If you suffer from a flaky scalp, help is on its way to get rid of the itching and irritation. Plus, falling flakes are just plain embarrassing. A flaky scalp may be distressed as a result of hormone fluctuation, increased life stress, improper nutrition, lack of sufficient cleansing, and more. You end up with dandruff and perhaps a fungal infection of the scalp. We know dandruff is common enough and nothing to fear, but it can weaken the hair follicle, causing strands to shed before their time. When itching and flakes appear, it is time to wash your hair two times a week with a special dandruff shampoo. You should alternate this product with your usual hair cleanser.

Another monthly activity that we recommends is to exfoliate your scalp, just like you do for your face and body. This is particularly true for those who do not wash often and still use a good deal of product. There are exfoliating scalp masks available that lift unwanted buildup. Don’t be surprised to see tiny granules in the formula such as ground up apricot seeds. Of course, a thorough rinse is advised as a result. This treatment is super effective when it entails salicylic acid that dissolves dead skin selves.

Scalp Saving Techniques

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