Keratin Treatments Changes the Way You Care for Your Hair, Forever.

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Straight, Shiny Hair

Do you want healthy, soft and straight hair?

Our formaldehyde-free Brazilian keratin is perfect for all hair types, particularly thick, frizzy and unruly hair.

  • Last more between 3 to 6 months
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Compatible with colour treated hair


Repairs Damaged Hair

Do you wanna look like most celebrities with perfect hair all the time?

Particularly wonderful for very damaged bleached and highlighted hair.

  • Working wonders on damaged hair
  • Prevents against further breakage
  • Leaves your hair silky, glossy and healthy


Manageable, Smooth Hair

If you want to have a perfect “just from the salon” look every day, then this treatment is just right for you.

Smooth, silky hair, demanding less efforts.

  • Last more up to 3 months
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Natural look

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Do you know what Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon have in common? They been using the keratin treatment for years!

Do you remember when Jennifer Aniston in “Friends” turn up with shiny and straight hair ? That was the Brazilian keratin treatment working wonders.

Do you want shiny and healthy manageable hair without having to go the hair salon every day or so? Then the Keratin Treatment is for you!

Keratin treatment faq

It’s actually a total budget saver.

  • Let’s say you decided that from now and on you want you hair always looks salon-like amazing. Which means that you need spend money and time for salon blow-dry at least 2-3 times per week.
  • On average at decent London hair salon the procedure costs around £35
  • So it’s easy to calculate that cheapest option of a good-looking hair will cost you £35 per week and £150 per month accordingly (and also 3-5 hours of your time per week!).
  • Starting price on Keratin hair treatment performed by Easy-Hair stylists is only £149, and it depends on the type and length of the hair. The results will last around 3-4 month. Easy math proves that savings are tremendous. And since one of the treatment results is increased hair manageability you will also save a lot of your time!
Firstly it will depend on the texture of the hair (curly, frizzy, damaged, etc). Secondly if the hair will be exposed to untypical conditions such as sea-water, swimming pools, extreme sun
exposure and how often the hair is washed. It works in a similar way to the “semi-permanent colour”.

We recommend shampoo which does not contain sulphate and parabens.

Yes, the entire head from roots to head.

Two to three months, or as needed.

Yes, if you are changing your style but not if you do need a trim only.

Yes, all our products are Formaldehyde-Free

Yes, you can do the treatment over any kind of straightener. 
We recommend waiting two weeks.

No, it’s a treatment based on Keratin and Collagen that naturally softens, shines, smoothes, eliminates frizz and gives instant manageability.

Yes, we recommend immediately after you colour your hair.

Yes, you can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair. Sodium Hydroxide Thio chemical, etc, but only after two weeks.

Yes, this treatment can be done on any previously chemically treated hair.

Yes, you can do highlights and this treatment immediately after.

Yes, it can be done on virgin hair.

Yes, we recommend you colour the hair first and immediately follow up with the Brazilian Blow Dry; Or we recommend colouring your hair two weeks after you have done the treatment.

Nowadays, most products in the market are made so the hair can be washed straight after treatment, but with experience we came to the conclusion that if the hair is washed only after two or three days; the results last around two to three weeks more.

Yes, we recommend to wait couple of days.

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Brands we trust

We only work with the best brands in the world. In fact our Formaldehyde-Free keratin treatments are used by professional hair stylists in Brazil, Italy and USA.

Olaplex Hair treatment with Keratin for damaged hair
Kerastraight Hair treatment with Keratin for thick hair
Alfaparf smoothing treatment top italian keratin
Inoar brazilian keratin for thick hair

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What clients say about our keratin

My hair turned out amazing! Straight, soft. shiny and with a natural healthy look. I've gotten straightening treatments in the past but this is the nicest one I've had by far.
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