Castor – Hair Growth Miracle Oil

For hair growth, there is nothing quite like it. It is a perennial favourite for good reason: it works wonders. You simply massage it at a lukewarm temperature into the hair and scalp for its special benefits. It is known to improve follicles while stimulating circulation. And that is never a bad thing! Growth of the hair will follow since the oil contains those blessed, nourishing omega 6 fatty acids.

How to use the Castor Oil

This special hair treatment is not rocket science. Easy to use, you heat up the castor oil before applying to hair roots. It is wise to cover the entire head of hair right down to the ends. A tip is to make a bun and cover the scalp with a cloth or cap. For maximum benefit, leave the oil in overnight and do not wash or rinse until the following day. Sure, it is greasy like any oil, so feel free to give yourself a second or third wash.

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An alternative that is popular among stylists is to mix sweet almond or coconut oil with the castor oil to thin it down. While it causes dilution, it will be easier to apply and thus will be more effective. Whatever road you decide to take, your hair will be lovely: silky and shiny to the max.

Castor oil is also the perfect hair conditioner, especially for those suffering from brittle, dry, and rough hair. These poor souls have practically given up, having tried to no avail a myriad of products. Castor oil to the rescue! Its natural conditioning ability will save you from a fate worse than death. A few drops are all that is needed to add to any conditioner. You should let it sit for a while to soak in before rinsing. Again, soft and silky is the order of the day.

Another tip from on castor oil – with it help you can actually get of split ends. Applied to hair endings for at least a half an hour before rinsing clear, it will do the trick. You can repeat the treatment often so keep your hair smoother with fewer fly-aways. Split ends are soon will be forgotten.

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